About Us

HurryPOST Worldwide Express was founded on 20 November 2013, based in Guangzhou, China.

We provide warehouse management, air and sea export services. The management has been constantly improving its information network, parcel transit network and client care management to better position in the field of e-commerce logistics.

We believe in professionalism - cultivate the team working under stringent process of quality management. The business now has emerged its services in local courier express for Singapore market.

HurryPOST Worldwide Express is committed to our tagline of "We are Reliable and Responsible To Every Parcel".

HurryPOST Worldwide Express (合立国际货运公司) 成立于2013年11月20日,立足在中国广州。


我们遵守公司的文化 “我们保护好每一件包裹,做事要有责任心”


1. Air Freight

a) Address : China Guangzhou City Baiyun District RenHe AiGang ChenGang Road No 37 Block C Lot No 1 Warehouse
b) Poscode : 510000
c) Person In Charge : ECT/limkokmo88
d) Contact Number : +86 17620180068

1. 空运

a) 地址 : 广东省广州市白云区人和镇矮岗村成岗路五横37号 C 栋1 号仓
2. 邮编 : 510000
3. 仓库主管 : ECT/limkokmo88
4. 电话号码 : +86 17620180068